The next generation of personal computing


We are building Morphie: A unique multi-display unwrappable cube computing device

Supports upto 6 displays which may be added/removed as needed. Which unwraps into   1-6 flat displays  in various unique modes - as you want. Robotic and manual options. Upto 14” displays planned. And did we say - no struggle with cables, ports, KVMs, graphics card capacity and that rest of the issues plaguing multi-displays. And without needing an expensive, high power gamer class PC or graphics card in the unit. Simultaneous audio, video, apps as you need on each display. Displays integrated across the device for integrated graphics and applications across displays





We are a stealth mode early stage startup based in the Silicon Valley focused on next generation technologies and experiences across video, consumer electronics, wireless and networks, graphics, image processing, BIG DATA, and so on…..

The founding team has broad experience in cloud, networks, wireless, media, consumer electronics, software with companies including Cisco, Qualcomm, Alcatel-Lucent, Moviebeam, Macys, etc.


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