The Next Generation of Wireless Content Distribution is here!


We are a stealth mode early stage startup based in the Silicon Valley focused on Wireless Technologies. We are at the fine intersection of SDN[Software Defined Networks], NFV[Network Function Virtualization] and Content Distribution with a primary focus on LTE and LTE Advanced.

Our unique technologies in the SDN infrastructure space coupled with our very special BIG DATA processes and content processing, provides higher efficiency/reduced strain on the backhaul and wireless core network, increased  spectral efficiency for broadcast flows coupled with opportunities for brand new revenue streams for wireless carriers and equipment vendors. Our technology also benefits the end consumer by providing a higher quality experience and vastly decreased latency.

The founding team has over a 100 years experience in cloud, networks, wireless, datacenters, media, consumer electronics, software with companies including Cisco, Qualcomm, Brocade, Juniper, Alcatel-Lucent, Proxim Wireless, NVIDIA, Walt Disney, Moviebeam, etc.

Do contact us for more information: EMAIL US